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Autumnal Adventures in August

Paris hasn’t had much of a summer. Temperatures have hovered around 60 degrees and most “summer” days have felt autumnal: cloudy skies, trees losing leaves, bouts of rain. So rather than sticking around the capital for the weekend, I went northwest to Normandy, a region practically tailor-made for autumn. There are signs for famous apple cider at nearly every turn and rainy, blustery days are relished. After all, rainbows have a tendency to peek out over green fields and infinite, sandy beaches alike.

On this trip, we stayed at the Chateau du Pont-Rilly, a manor built in 1765 that rests at the end of an almost-kilometer-long driveway that’s dotted with peacocks and potted plants. The next morning we drove to Le Mont Saint-Michel, a grand castle and abbey built in the eighth century atop a small island jutting out into the mouth of the Couesnon River.

Back in my apartment in Paris peering out at the grey sky, I already miss the sweeping, historic countryside. Somehow, the weekend was generally sunny too.

(All the photos are taken by me. Click on any of them to enlarge and move into a slideshow mode.)



  1. Not so sure I’m glad I’ve found your blog anymore! Your photo of the Mont Saint Michel makes me homesick. This is my childhood background and although the access to the site has changed, the scenery hasn’t. I smiled when I read that you missed the country when back to Paris. All Parisians feel that way. I am from Normandy but studied in Paris, so I know how both are wonderful. Enjoy my homeland!

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